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An opportunity to side hustle. Find a sense of belonging and purpose by connecting with others through our companion app. Discover new friendships and support networks through meaningful conversations and shared experiences.

Connection is the glue that binds us together. It provides comfort and joy in times of need, and helps us to navigate the ups and downs of life. Make connections that matter, and let the companionship be a source of strength and happiness in your life.
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All you need is a Companion.

Looking to enrich your social interactions and meet new people? Companion is the perfect platform for you. Our app allows you to browse and book companions . Whether you’re seeking someone to engage in thoughtful conversations, participate in activities, or simply spend quality time together, you’ll find the perfect companion on our platform. Plus, all of our companions are vetted to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Your Mood, Your Time, Your Place, Your Price, Now Totally in Your Control.

Conversations that never end.

Conversations with like minded individuals never seem to end. Instead of feeling lonely, experience the true joy of conversing with a companion from our platform.

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Share Experiences.

The stories shared over a cup of coffee have a soothing warmth to them. Enjoy a cup of coffee with our companions to make new experiences and share old ones. 

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Explore the city like never before.

Having a companion provides an opportunity for shared experiences, conversations, and activities, which can alleviate boredom, bring joy and pleasure.

Bond over a coffee.

Experience the joys of companionship at the place you are the most comfortable at, your home. Our companions will go the extra mile and ensure your happiness.

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Outdoor Engagements

An outdoor companion is someone who accompanies you to outdoor activities such as urban exploration, beach walk, bar crawl, etc. Having an outdoor companion can be a great way to enhance your outdoor experience, as you can share the experience of being in nature and support each other along the way.

Business Classic

Enhance your business events with trained and professional companions on the app. Our platform connects you with companions, such as promo staff, product demonstrator, bouncers and other related services. Book by the hour for the perfect level of entertainment and socialization. Make your next business event memorable with exclusive services.

Indoor Events

Our indoor live entertainment feature has everything you need to have a great time. Featuring musicians, comedians,  mixologists, gig masters, magicians, atmosphere models, and many more. Curate an exclusive event at home, just the way you like it.

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You can add your favourite companions to your favourite for quick access and maximum efficiency

Our intuitive dynamic search and filter system allows you to search for companions that meet your specific requirements andfilter out the rest.

You can meet your companion at the location of your choice

As a companion you can start earning today. Companions are free to choose their price accordingly and charge the memebers for their companionship and the time they are investing


You can review and rate companions based on your experiences with them to help out fellow members in the future.

You can chat with the companion you have scheduled an engagement with. The chat will be end to end encrypted for maximum privacy.

You can share the profiles of companions with your friends.

We at companion take your security and privacy very seriously so that you feel safe on our platform, We offer OTP authentication, end to end encrypted chats, and many more features


Representation of companion’s profile performance to help you choose better. Every profile closely monitored by advanced AI to guarantee you the assurance and reliability.

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